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Find Your Unlimited Potential

Find Your Unlimited Potential Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is a winding pathway through an open meadow. Wildflowers grow in abundance. As I walk through the meadow, the feeling of the landscape is open and vast. On the horizon, I see a shaft of pure, white light. I am drawn to this light and stand before it, humbled by its beauty and serenity. As I am bathed in the glory of this light, I become aware this energy is Mother Mary. I thank her for coming to speak with us.

Mother Mary: It is with such delight that I speak to you who choose to read these words. I thank you for allowing this moment of quiet reflection. Many things in your daily life require your attention and focus, and it is difficult to find opportunities for reflection and stillness.

It is in moments of quiet that we in spirit can best serve you and you can best receive the benefits of our love, which is always there for you. When you focus solely on the human condition, with no opportunities for quiet reflection, opportunities to feel our love are limited. We are always with you and always have your best interests at the heart of our love. I intentionally showed Therese an open meadow as an example of the vast, eternal love we offer you.