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Expand Your Toolbox for Growth

Expand Your Toolbox for Growth Nancy Robinson

I recently experienced someone close to me acting one way but saying something completely different. Being around this person was irritating, confusing, and energy draining, until I started viewing the behavior from the perspective of my higher soul. As I asked my angelic team and guides for help with how to stay balanced around these energies, I realized the situation was bringing me important opportunities for growth — if I was willing to recognize what I needed to learn.

Clear communication and behavior are fun to be around, empower you, and help you move toward more joyful experiences. Being around people whose actions don’t match their words can be jarring and create discord, because you aren’t sure what the person is really saying. If people around you express unclear messages and show conflicting behavior, it might be time to search for the true message the situation is teaching you.

Someone deliberately withholds important information or only tells part of the truth: For example, someone acts friendly and helpful when you’re present, but later distorts what you said, withholds important information, or manipulates the situation for personal gain. The person’s actions speak louder than words.