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The Empath’s Portal: Claim Your Empath Power!

The Empath’s Portal: Claim Your Empath Power! Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Dear empath, you are a 5D being living in a 3D world. The power of light supports you. Enter the sacred temple of your heart, and live what you discover there. Today is your day of transformation. Shift from powerless to powerful. Feel the strength of my words to find the power within.

True power arises from the heart of the cosmos, the heart of nature, and the Heart of the Mother. You live as if you are soulless, in a desert of disconnection. Your head spins thoughts of disconnection and loneliness. Look to your feet for connection. They know more than your head. When your feet touch the earth, they are rooted in truth and the cosmic community of beings from all dimensions.

Wake up to your inner knowing, your sense of connection with all beings. Don’t let others convince you that you are separate. Your sense of communion with all is true, your love is real, and your nervous system doesn’t lie. Trust what your feet already know: You are a unique expression of the One, and you are connected to all. You can be your unique self and connected to the great light of being. You will not be excommunicated, rejected, or marginalized for feeling deeply, sensing the unseen world, and reflecting truth.