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Embrace Your Human Nature

Embrace Your Human Nature Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to give you a good view of what is occurring on Earth and to assist your consciousness in an uplifting. How about that? You see, once you have an uplifting, you can dare to go forth in a way that magnetizes the causes and effects that optimize your inner and outer fulfillment.

We’ve stated before that many systems vie for your attention, and once they have it, you have given those systems, in that moment, some of your frequencies, your energy. This isn’t a crime; on Earth, especially in this electronic age, events are reported nearly before they happen.

There comes a moment when you might feel as though most everything you do has a right or wrong to it, that if you do not take certain actions, you will be a failure in this grand plan. This just isn’t true. All this guilt-producing information is nothing more than patterns of survival rearing their ugly heads.