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Of Countries and Cults

Of Countries and Cults The Divine through Sara Wiseman

The world is showing you a new understanding of oneness. You are watching this unfold before your eyes. We know you live in fear. You sense fear and work hard to keep it at bay. This can feel like wartime. For those of you who never lived in wartime, you are now experiencing what that feels like.

Do not be afraid. Light arrives in shimmering knowing and shines on all corners of darkness. War can be physical and mental, and what you are experiencing is the stress of mental fear and chaos. This is what you are fighting: your fear.

Remember that your fear is an illusion of darkness, the silky manipulation of separation; it is not real. You, as a soul, are free. You, as a collective soul, are finally recognizing your interdependence, interconnection, and your true oneness, not just as humans but as Gaia: one living, breathing entity among the vast family of entities in the universe.