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Coronavirus Released by Deranged Individual

Coronavirus Released by Deranged Individual Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis. Now I will comment on Koontz’s novel, which has an interesting angle, and so does Sylvia Browne’s. What if I told you that the original release of this disease organism was done by people who had read those books [see figures 1 and 2]. So the area, they felt, was chosen. Thus, it wasn’t so much a prediction as it was a foundation.

I’m not going to go into great detail on who or what was involved in the release of such an organism into a population that was already oppressed by air pollution, which would tend to weaken people who are vulnerable — the very young and the very old and anybody with a compromised immune system.

Still, the population of the area is quite significant, many millions. Out of those millions, a couple thousand people have died from that virus. Keep in mind the number of people who die from, what is called, the flu every year is considerably greater. So it’s important to understand that this was something that was not an accident. It was not released by China. Obviously, they have suffered the most. It was released by an individual, and I don’t want to say who, why, or where the person is from in this situation. Just know that an individual did this. I find it to be an interesting situation — not for all the suffering that has happened but when you consider how many people were there and how many people died because of exposure to this disease.