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The Coronavirus: Its Ramifications for Humanity and Exercises for Protection

The Coronavirus: Its Ramifications for Humanity and Exercises for Protection Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Excess radiation will not go away anytime soon. I am talking about the radiation from Fukushima and other sources. This means you must have an immune system that adapts to excess radiation. Viewing the coronavirus as a pathogen, I can say something similar: It will not go away anytime soon. The main intervention at this point seems to be isolation, but that will not solve the problem. The way to solve the problem of the coronavirus is to work on improving the human immune system.

Your immune system is compromised for many reasons, including from contamination and pollution in the environment, excess radiation levels, holes in Earth’s aura, unhealthful food in the diet (particularly genetically modified organisms, or GMOs), and the current state of this planet in general, which is in the middle of the sixth mass extinction. This means that events such as the coronavirus pandemic, or any virus, have to be viewed in the big picture.

The fact that a sixth mass extinction is going on affects the collective unconscious of all humanity. It overflows into your consciousness and your DNA, and it bleeds into other aspects of the collective consciousness. We use the collective consciousness for our work in terms of sending planetary healing messages and working as a spiritual healing group for the advancement of this planet. A collective consciousness is involved in such activities as the internet, the media, government pronouncements, and the general activities that leaders are doing, including television.