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Connect with Mother Earth in Joy

Connect with Mother Earth in Joy Mother Earth through Sarah Goddard Neves

Sarah: Have you truly felt the wonderful presence of Mother Earth? For the best results, go alone into nature and feel the caress of a breeze, appreciate the beauty of a tree, or gaze at a crystal lake.

Take a moment to experience your renewed connection to the Divine Mother by calling to her to make your presence known: “Dearest Mother Earth, thank you for all that you give to me to sustain my life. Come to me now, and show yourself in all your glory.”

See your light from above like a radiant sun. Let it penetrate through your body and down into the ground, going deep to anchor in the center of Earth. Now see this thread of light return up through the center of Earth, through the ground and your body, and rise to the top of your head. Let the energy of Mother Earth envelop you.