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Your Chakras Are Opened for Spiritual Support

Your Chakras Are Opened for Spiritual Support Amiya through Cathy Chapman

This is Amiya. We are the ones who made the choice to separate from the Oneness and be in support of Her. We did this when She separated from the Oneness to be the feminine aspect of God. What you call God, we call love.

We wish to discuss how your chakras are activated when you are young. As you know, most of you we’re born with the first chakra and the crown chakra open. The first chakra needed to be open so that you could anchor yourself into your body and to the physical planet to stay here. Some of you may have heard of the golden cord that attaches you to your body. That, of course, is a metaphor, but the cord is real energy. The first chakra contains the energy of the metaphorical golden cord that comes in through your crown chakra. It actually comes in through your hara line, which is on a different dimension than the chakra. It goes down your hara line and then comes out again as it anchors into the planet.

Your Primary Support System

Your first chakra is open at birth so that you can become accustomed to and fill this body you have chosen to use. Remember, your body is not you. Not in any way is this body you. It is a vehicle for you to accomplish what you chose to do in this lifetime. You can take it with you later if you wished. When you leave this life, you will choose to have the form of whatever is your favorite lifetime, whether male or female. Many of you will choose the form you have now. Some of you think, “Why would I do that? I don’t like my form.” Well, dear ones, you can’t ascend without liking your form. Wouldn’t that be the antithesis of ascension, hating your form? No, you must enjoy this form of yours because you chose it. You did not make a bad choice. It was a perfect choice.