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You Can Read Anything

You Can Read Anything The Divine through Sara Wiseman

When you start to understand how the universe speaks to you — in visions, messages, events, emotions, nature, music, sex, peak experiences, and stillness — you begin to realize something awesome: The more present you are, the more universal guidance, clarity, and direct knowing you experience.

The more you pay attention to what’s really going on — not on society, your family, culture, or the misbeliefs you were raised with — the more you relax, breathe, and are simply aware of the actual events, feelings, and experiences in your life. The more you pay attention to the exquisite reality of your life, the more present you become. When you become truly present, you can “read” anything; you can gather psychic information from anything.

Live in the Flow

This ability to become present and attuned to what is happening in front of you allows you to feel, see, or predict what is being created in universal flow. In other words, by being exquisitely attuned to both your physical and emotional realities, you can understand where you are being guided by the universe.