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Western Women Will Save the World

Western Women Will Save the World Donna Taylor

With no less than seven planets in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, May will have a very earthy feel about it, which could result in themes connected with the environment, climate change, farming, nature, finances, business, politics, and the economy. Expect changes or news in these areas, because Uranus along with the new moon and Mercury in the first week strongly suggest that the old ways (which are already collapsing) will crumble further. From protests and rebellion (particularly along the lines of austerity and damage to the environment) to people quietly making personal changes to improve things, this will be a month when people are less inclined to go along with the status quo.

With such a heavy emphasis on earth signs, we are all being called to pay attention to that which is real. It will be difficult to keep our heads in the sand about whatever is happening. In our personal lives, we might benefit from taking a more practical approach. Maybe that’s sorting out our finances, paying more attention to the work we do, attending to our physical well-being, clearing out our homes, or anything else of a practical nature. Change is the order of the day, and the more innovative you can be, the more successful you’re likely to become.

Taurus and Libra folks will need to cut themselves some slack, though, because the double square from Saturn and Pluto to Venus could feel very austere. However, this experience can be alleviated by laughter, joy, and love. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about those lighter aspects of life when things are difficult, but often it is our perception of events that make us miserable, not the events themselves. It might also be helpful to remember that whatever sign you’re born under, thinking outside the box and breaking your mental patterns can lead to breakthroughs and “aha!” moments.