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Truth and Consequences

Truth and Consequences Lynn Buess

By May, the growing, surreal deceptive behavior will have expanded, and it will become difficult to decipher any kind of truth amid the barrage of lies, propaganda, and disinformation streaming from sources and self-interest groups across the globe. It will be a time that requires greater trust in your intuition and higher guidance than you can imagine.

The question of whether the White House will clean up matters or give in to compromise will become somewhat more defined this month. In what I have already predicted to be an impassioned year of emotions, the scene will become even more vitriolic as the difference between manipulated polarities heats up. A war between global manipulators and those seeking restored freedom is intense, and more will come into the light as egos and agendas are debated and tossed every which way.

Parents and concerned organizations watch the fallout from the arrest of John of God. Connections to John lead back to a popular TV personality and a former presidential family in America that has connections to other traffickers.