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Trust the Intelligence of Your Evolution

Trust the Intelligence of Your Evolution The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

We feel that the amount of fear in your world is more a part of your daily lives than it needs to be. By discussing this topic in detail, we hope that you will better understand how powerful human thoughts, decisions, actions, and feelings — such as shame, grief, hate, jealousy, anger, and causing harm for the thrill of it — create more fear.

In your world today, fear has become an overtly desperate human emotion of epidemic proportions. Fear triggers feelings as well as the belief that everyone is separate in body, mind, and heart. You have come a long way as a whole in how you approach fear inside of you and in others, but there is still more to learn about fear.

Fear is a feeling and belief that the ego created so that it can have control over your mind when you feel lost and unsure of what is coming next. It uses your pain to sabotage you because the ego is a false aspect of the personality that fears annihilation. The ego is part of the game of duality in which everything has an opposite. But if everything on Earth is for your own well-being, then there is nothing to fear. Everything that comes into your life is for your ultimate good, no matter how it reveals itself. Trust in the intelligence of your evolution.