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Speak from the Heart

Speak from the Heart Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

May is a time when divergent energies come together that require clear, concise, loving communication and a multitude of creative ways to implement them. There also needs to be a desire to work cooperatively with others rather than pushing, pulling, coercing, manipulating, stalling, or being stubbornly attached to one idea. Those with creative minds and good negotiation skills who come from egoless-oriented positions will fare far better than those with personal agendas during this time.

Many Piscean Age frameworks (though being dismantled) will attempt to generate confusion and chaos as those more open to discovering and implementing new directions outside known comfort zones and accepted frameworks step forward. These innovators point out alternative ways to more successfully and fully accomplish the tasks at hand. Their suggestions are wise and life-affirming, as well as harmless to land, communities, companies, and people. They are able to see the interconnectedness of how things can be put in place to serve in supportive ways for the planet and all species residing on it.

Patience and keeping an eye out for new directions, ideas, options, and possibilities rather than returning to the outmoded, destructive, fear-producing ways will keep the momentum going. Those involved will be invested in participating to bring about change rather than giving up and just walking away in disappointment.