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Shamanic Wisdom: Meet Your Power Animal

Shamanic Wisdom: Meet Your Power Animal Jan Engels-Smith

The LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is based on linking people to their divine connections in the spirit realm. All too often, this connection has been lost. We start the process in the basic journey class called Through the Rabbit Hole.

This gateway class is amazing and is transformative in multiple ways. Doors open, and hearts are healed, fostering inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, and hope. The feelings that many people have of being disconnected are lessened, and an awareness occurs that this disconnection is an illusion that our culture and lack of understanding have created.

The class starts with the basics — connecting you to your power animal. I was adopted into a Lakota family in 1992. I learned from one of the elders that the Lakota believe that we are all born with 405 helping spirits assigned to us; 405 is not a literal number but a number of huge qualities.