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Seek Connection for the Coming Changes

Seek Connection for the Coming Changes Yogananda through Lois Hartwick

It is with enormous light and gratitude that I come through to express some thoughts and ideas. There is a big change energetically that has been occurring on your planet for some time. It is as if I can see waves of energy coming forth and altering the spectrum of how you have been living. Even the schedules you once kept are being disrupted or perhaps waylaid. It is increasingly important for you to hold steady and very consciously build connections of light, ways to connect to the Creator of all. You are in an important moment in the history of your planet and the history of many of your lives.

I say this for a given reason. Because of the amount of change occurring, there are more and more who struggle to hold together the greater aspects of who they are and their divine connection. Surely you know this, have experienced this, and have heard so from others. Yet what is coming in the times ahead will be highly significant, because even more aspects of self will be asking, “How do I go from point A to point Z without having these major disruptions or difficulties to overcome?”

I want you to understand that part of whatever mission or purpose you have in this life is tied to the divine aspect of who you are. If that gets disrupted — particularly by events you are seeking to make right, do battle with, or overcome in some manner — you can be shaken from that tree of fruit of which you are a part.