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Reclaim Full Abundance Within

Reclaim Full Abundance Within Archangel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael. There are a few layers involved in reclaiming your right to full abundance. First, you will need to realize that money has been used as an enslavement mechanism for humankind in this three-dimensional Earth plane as part of this historical experiment.

The Lemurian understanding is that you have within you the full abundance to create anything directly — complete abundance. Let’s compare this understanding to your experience of money. For example, you want to buy a new house. Instead of using the natural abundance within you, you default to the system of enslavement: “Oh, you want a new house? Well, you better work for forty years to earn the money; then you can buy a house.” However, within your energetic system, you could have created that abundance instantly.

Money is something that those of you who break free into other planes of existence will not carry with you, because money is not needed for the instant manifestation of what you want. It has been described as just a neutral way of bartering, but truly, it was created as a way of enslavement: “You must have this thing, this money thing, to get what you want.” But all along, humans have had the innate capacity to create what they want — the access to full abundance — within themselves.