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Presence: the Ascension Gateway

Presence: the Ascension Gateway The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Divine beings of great light, great love, and great presence, the divine presence has abundantly ignited for you through the energy of the manifested realms of experience. We are here with presence. When you embody presence, walk with presence, and offer presence, you lift beyond any form of agenda or control of outcome.

These two energies are gaining strength: the agenda and the control of an outcome. Together they have momentum and are a manifestation of the extraordinary, unlimited, and expansive energy of the allness. Moving forward with an agenda limits expansion. The need to control an outcome limits expansion. This energy calls forward the repetition of a cycle as the beginning of another journey for those making this choice. And this is also a gift; is it not?

Repeating any cycle, in any form, is to offer yourselves the gifts of expansion again. To breathe through the repetition of a cycle is to free yourselves from the cycle. In the presence of your divine magnitude, your divine expansion is experienced as freedom. Presence is an active energy.