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Origins and Belonging

Origins and Belonging St. Germain through Rebecca Dawson

Greetings to you. We want to address your totality. It has been interesting to watch you humans in recent years come to know your totality within the human experience. Your DNA contains a limitation in its coding that has prevented you from experiencing the totality of what you are. The potential for understanding is there, and as humans become aware of their totality, so does the planet. As you become aware of your totality, so Earth finds its place within the cosmos.

This is not just about releasing your limitations; it is about releasing the limitations of the collective field. You might know that the collective field is all-permeating, but the collective field within your reality has become encapsulated. It has been very difficult for you, even in your collective experience, to go beyond limitation. Earth is embraced in its totality by more of what the cosmos holds for you and by more of what your galactic brothers and sisters know. As the awareness of your totality arises within you, it also arises for the planet.

We want to introduce you to what you will experience. This is not about your personal heritage; it is about Earth’s heritage. Are you not a representation of your planet? Many of you identify with different galactic origins. Many of you identify with a particular personal history. Now it is about identifying with the planet and knowing your origin. It is so typical for humans to believe your origin is somewhere else, especially when your vibration becomes more refined. The more refined your vibrational frequency, the harder it becomes for you to identify with the planet. This is part of your limitation coding: The more vibrationally refined you become, the more you wish to be elsewhere. The coding encourages a very refined vibrational frequency that results in not wanting to be on the planet. You see this in young people, and you see in those who aspire to ascend — although we do not like that terminology — the goal to be somewhere else.