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Open Your Inner Light

Open Your Inner Light Archangel Michael through Melanie Beckler

Greetings from Archangel Michael. Indeed, in this moment now, I greet you with a frequency of stillness, silence, and calm. Beneath the words of this message is the energy of peace and tranquility, which you are invited now to tap into. Surrender the voice of mind and let go of whatever is happening in your life in the external. Just for now, enter your inner state of being. Enter this frequency broadcast of tranquility, peace, and calm.

Indeed, this stillness you now cultivate within has a profound effect in manifesting opportunities that are divine and inspired. Know that, indeed, cultivating this inner peace, stillness, and calm creates an opening within you within which you are able to access the higher light of your divine truth.

The higher light of Spirit — the deep wisdom, knowing, and frequency of your soul and inner divine being that is always within and around — is so often beyond your reach because you are grasping at the level of mind for experience, guidance, certainty, and truth. But the truth you seek, which surpasses all understanding, can be felt, experienced, seen, and perceived only with your subtle psychic senses because it is accessed within.