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Move with the Flow of Change

Move with the Flow of Change Norma a Pleiadian through Jenine Beecher

Are you thinking about creating change in a facet of life? Are you ready to act? The energy is prime for allowing you to move through transitions without restriction or resistance.

First, connect with your meditation practice: Go inside yourself, become peaceful, and get to that place of inner peace, of quiet. That is the foundation, your security and home for feeling true freedom of spirit. Then branch out. Change is a state of impermanence; it is a movement, a creation. Change is an expression of the spirit to want more, do more, and be more. When you look at change from that perspective, it becomes less scary and more inviting.

Don’t take adaptability for granted. You are accepting the possibility of connecting with gratitude and fulfillment in a deep way, allowing your spirit to express through your body in this lifetime. The change you are confronted with is part of your path. This change wouldn’t be coming up if it weren’t from a place of a deep need or desire to create something new in life.