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Master Code Communication

Master Code Communication The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Bio-light masters, you’ve now self-realized that the divine memory of your soul’s tonal DNA imprint has fully activated itself in your new cycle of evolution. This organic imprint has been upgraded by your human and divine senses merging into an upgraded super-sense intuition of the heart’s fulfillment and its bioluminescent transmission to all life. This is because your new conscious-communication bio-light systems are available and functional for your full access. Your new bio-conscious DNA light network is the new living code for the intimate relationship between consciousness, energy, and creating new (dark) matter.

Your bio-organism’s DNA talks to the cosmos and the cosmos talks back in the form of instant communication and direct manifestation. Indeed, your new multi- or trans-sense communication with your inner presence and all life is the master code for new ascending-heart DNA transmissions. It’s your time to embody full conscious memory of how you create quite naturally out of these super-sense attributes and new soma senses as a human master. These rainbow biospheres within spheres access new DNA codes, and their soul communication expressions can’t be influenced by external people, places, circumstances, or events. This is an internal communion with all existence in every now.

Today, we affirm your multi-realizations of your new species communication sensing and transmission access. This inner heart channel is able to communicate on all levels of existence at once to receive any expression that fulfills each soul in each present moment. This is instant manifestation or direct matter manifestation right out of essence consciousness, as well as access to all other realms of existence. This new DNA heart-gate or bio-conscious iPhone that you have become transmits the new standard of consciousness for all life cycles. This secures that free will is always operational within the parameters of each organic soul choice. It also prevents any hacking from old-energy, cyber-techno governmental, religious, or alien dictatorships from the old Earth hybrid universe, which will continue to heal itself.