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The Living Alphabet, Part 2

The Living Alphabet, Part 2 Master Buddha and Archangel Metatron and Masters Ankhana Yeshua and YaLi through Rae Chandran

Rae: There are mudras that help people who are on the edge of ascension. When you do these mudras, you see a pillar of light come into you. Place your right index finger on the forehead and your left index finger on the stomach area.

Namaste to all. The god in me honors the god in all of you. Let’s raise our right palms as an appreciation to the Creator for all the gifts we have in our present moment as another opportunity to heal the separation consciousness. Thank you all.

Master Buddha: Hello, my dear family of light. Welcome to the new you. You must welcome yourself to the new you. As you wear different clothes every day, you are becoming a new you every day. Say, “I welcome the new me, for the past has gone.” You are in the process of cocreation. Say, “I am cocreating the new me today. I stand in this new me.”