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The Just Society and New Jerusalem

The Just Society and New Jerusalem Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us look at the concept of the just city of light, the just society, and let us talk about how the just city can manifest on Earth. The idea of the just city of light reminds me of planetary ascension. I know that as planetary healers, you all work and hope for Earth to ascend into the fifth dimension. I have described how other planets in this galaxy have ascended, including our planet, Arcturus, and the planet Era in the Pleiades.

It is reasonable and hopeful to assume that Earth is also capable of ascending into the fifth dimension. As planetary healers, you are working to bring Earth into balance and save and rebalance the biosphere. This would immediately halt the sixth mass extinction, which is ongoing now. It would stop all ocean contamination, purify the planet of all radiation contamination, and bring the weather patterns, including the jet streams and ocean currents, into perfect balance.

On a fifth-dimensional planet, there are no hurricanes, heat waves, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. On a fifth-dimensional planet, the inhabitants live in spiritual harmony and balance. This idea of living in harmony and balance with the spirit of the planet was depicted in the wonderful movie Avatar, which was popular ten years ago (2009) throughout the globe. From our standpoint, what was interesting about this movie was that the inhabitants of that planet did not seem to be as technologically advanced as those on Earth. This shows that spiritual advancement and energy are more important than technological advancement. We hope that Earth can be both technologically and spiritually advanced. Each planet goes through stages of development characterized by certain conflicts. Earth is in a conflict of spirituality versus technological advancement.