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Join with the Whales to Cocreate a New Earth

Join with the Whales to Cocreate a New Earth Whale Consciousness through Jaap van Etten

I am the voice of the consciousness of the whales. We are delighted that an increasing number of people are attracted to whales and are beginning to feel it is important to work with us. We fully agree that collaboration is important; however, you do not yet understand what such a collaboration means. It is supposed to develop based on agreements made in the very beginning of your history on this planet. When we say “is supposed to develop,” we are not talking about a form; we are referring to principles of collaboration and cocreation.

We came to Earth shortly after humanoid consciousness was induced into the Gaia system. The Gaia system is far more complex than you are aware. While we choose not to go into detail about the Gaia system, we can say it is a kind of playground for many different types of consciousness from this galaxy and other galaxies nearby. Within the Gaia system, souls explore through different physical forms a unique physical system — Earth — with a unique consciousness, Gaia. Within the consciousness construct of Gaia, different souls through different forms in which they incarnate learn to work within a low-vibration physical system by being an integrated part of it. This connection is key to the unfoldment of the potential of this system.

Every system unfolds and evolves in its unique way. This means that every physical being on Earth evolves, and so does Earth herself. Neither a physical being nor Earth can evolve without collaboration. Therefore, you can see the Gaia system as a perfect playground for discovering what it means to collaborate on many different levels of consciousness.