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The Intelligence within Your Body

The Intelligence within Your Body Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We come to you to share the knowledge of how to access your greatest power, that of your intelligence. We speak not only of your brain’s intelligence but also the greater intelligence that you hold within every cell of your body. You are just beginning to acknowledge this immense intelligence. Even your scientists are coming to recognize the massive amount of information stored within your cells. They have no idea, however, of just how massive that quantity of information is. We speak, of course, of the DNA that resides within every cell of your body.

For many years, your scientists told you that DNA contained only the programming of your physical body. Then they discovered that it also held the records of the programming for the physical properties of your ancestors. As they continued to study and research this aspect of your DNA, they finally got to the end of the physical programming of you as a human. Now they can trace your ancestry to your very first human incarnation.

They believe they’ve come to the end of this line of information in your DNA, just as they believed they’d decoded all there was to decode in the DNA during what they called the Human Genome Project. Imagine their surprise when they come to discover that, just as they did previously, they are now extremely premature in declaring that they have gone as far as possible regarding the history and ancestry of humans as it is recorded in DNA. Recorded in the depths of information in your DNA is the record of you before you became human in form.