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How You Treat Yourself Is How You Treat the World

How You Treat Yourself Is How You Treat the World Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth for a little chat. So much is occurring on the skin of Earth that her inhabitants are becoming fearful. That fear has had a part in the events that are unfolding in deeper realms. Now, what do I mean by all of that?

There are layers to this thing called physicality, and these layers have a direct effect on each other as they compose the whole. The layers are as follows: The first layer of Earth’s skin holds within it the consciousness of creatures living directly on the land or in the water. Next, the layer that rests on the first layer contains the consciousness of humans. Another layer envelops both of those with the essence of the consciousness of the whole. Next a layer resides above the layer of the consciousness of the whole, and within it resides the consciousness of awakening humanity. There are several more layers, but the last that I will speak of is the layer that holds truth as expanded as it can be while residing within physicality.

Within all those layers exist ripples of cause and effect with expanding of consciousness. Now pay attention. As I said above, within the layers resides the consciousness of certain entities because all beings reside as one being, yet the consciousness resides as frequencies that flow about and within the whole.