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Hold Your Own Space

Hold Your Own Space The Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

How do you hold a space of love and light during turbulent times? By knowing who you are and by honoring that great being with acknowledgment and love. Love of self, no matter what place and time you find yourself in, is the way. Love yourself enough to sit under a tree and feel the connection to All That Is and know in your heart that It is you.

You borrowed a body for a small foray into a different world, but that is not who you are. You are a great and powerful spiritual being with purpose and direction playing the part of a human. Keep this foremost in your mind and you will not falter.

Playing a game of human beingness is not who you are. You are connected to the spiritual realm and to All That Is and All That Will Ever Be, and you are a perfect soul. You are atonement itself. Hold on to this idea of who you really are as the world spins its tale of woe. The game is nearly finished; you are approaching the finish line.