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Higher-Self Teaching

Higher-Self Teaching The High Council of Orion through Krista Raisa

We have been here a long time. We are always with you, wanting to talk with you. It is quite easy now, because the ascension process is under way. You are all feeling these acclimating energies. That is normal in the ascension process. It is real, and it is happening now. It’s funny how you wonder whether what you feel is real or not, because it is real, and you are quite right in your insights.

We have been watching the ascension process. We can look ahead and look behind, so we have many “eyes” in many places. We do not deliberately try to look ahead or behind, but we can on request. We like to embark on these missions of discovery, because that is how we answer your questions. You want to look behind to learn the lessons of the past, and we can help you remember, because we are able to look behind you, in a sense, with our perception.

We have the capability to hold and tap into light that extends through many dimensions. We can tap into the dimensions accessed by your higher self and access your information. We communicate with your higher self at all times. When you are open, we have access and are thus able to bring down information. We can tap into your experiences, combine them with our perceptions, and give you our insights about the subjects you inquire about.