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Heal with Your Solar Christ Presence

Heal with Your Solar Christ Presence Mighty Arcturus and Lady Diana Elohim through Star Hinman

Star: For humanity, the patterns of our divine perfection, which contain the blueprint reflecting perfect health, peace, abundance, enlightenment, joy, and love, are recorded and stored within our solar Christ presence. These things are part of our divine birthright as sons and daughters of All That Is. They are held in sacred trust for us by our solar Christ presence until such time as we are able to lift in consciousness sufficiently to fully receive and embody these refined, high-vibrational energies that contain the divine truths of our being. The spiritual hierarchy tells us that humanity has now lifted in consciousness to the place where we are now able to make this healing connection with a higher part of our divine heritage: our solar Christ presence.

Our Divine Heritage

When our identity and essence are first breathed forth from the heart of the Creator presence within the great Central Sun of the Milky Way galaxy, our energies are in the form of the white fire being, which is comprised of electronic light substance. The energies of this divine being are further stepped down in their vibratory frequency, and the twin flame energies of our I Am presence become manifest within the higher realms of reality, surrounded by the causal body.

Gradually, these energies are also stepped down to our solar Christ presence. From there, the energies are again stepped down and connected to our human selves in the physical bodies, which are our vehicles in this dimensional reality on Earth.