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Gobekli Tepe, Turkey — Ancient Pleiadian Healing and Manifestation Circles

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey — Ancient Pleiadian Healing and Manifestation Circles A Pleiadian through Robert Shapiro

21 February 2019

Publisher’s note: I asked for someone who lived now in the future who had been involved in the building of the stone circles filled with T-shaped columns and columns carved with strange animals that we call Gobekli Tepe in Turkey to speak through Robert Shapiro. I asked, if it was possible, whether they would also speak to us about their perception of our time now on this planet. This didn’t get recorded. See cover pictures.]

All right, thank you for the opening remark describing the site; it helped. Now, I may or may not be able to advise you in your time. But the purpose of the platforms that you refer to was to create a location to provide services to our people that would last and create a generational connection to our people in the future. As it happened, our people did not stay there. The reason, for the most part, was that it was not fully understood by our scientists how outwardly expressive your planet is. We didn’t expect so much wind and other Earth motions, so even though the areas — the platforms — are still somewhat active (not much anymore, since our people are not there), there is still some slight support for the creation of what was literally asked for.

Initially, the elders — or the one picked in any given group or family — would stand in the center of the circle, or as close to the center as possible, and speak of what was needed, desired, or what would simply be enjoyed by us in that part of the planet. After that request was made, a pictorial in stone was created — you call it a carving — requesting certain types of beings we considered friends. These were not considered a food source, as our people did not eat other beings but rather certain types of “others” we found pleasing to be around.