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Focus Higher — a Pathway to the Next Dimension

Focus Higher — a Pathway to the Next Dimension Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

The completion phase of third-dimensional reality on the Earth plane is here, and a new beginning is occurring. You will feel this as you “focus higher” and direct your thoughts into a new dimension that is now accessible to all. Focusing higher simply means becoming aware that every encounter, thought, and interaction has a higher light component that can be used to avoid being drawn into a lower frequency of engagement in the third-dimensional, yin-yang reality. In this way, you elevate your awareness of light and focus higher in love.

When you feel yourself drawn into the older, lower-vibrating way of being — for example, “I’m right and you’re wrong” or “This is good; that’s bad” — understand that there is a choice you can make to focus your awareness above duality and know that a balanced light of love opens a pathway to the next dimension.

Love yourself enough to move away from making someone wrong in order to make yourself right. Refocus your awareness higher and higher until you reach a level leading to pure love consciousness. You will feel this level of consciousness in your heart. Once you have felt it, you will remember it. As you practice this each day, you’ll be able to reach that consciousness more easily. And what better day than today to put this into practice?