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Feeling Loved

Feeling Loved One Life through Catherine Weser

One of the most important wisdoms cultivated in a lifetime is to know how much you are loved. This begins when you weed out all the reasons why you feel you are not loved. Look inside to see whether, when you say to yourself, “I am loved,” you receive a litany of arguments and evidence to the contrary. Believing the evidence leads you to think you are not loved.

Gathering evidence is easy. Everyone has had disappointments and hurts and suffers from feelings of inadequacy. Finding evidence that you are loved is more difficult, if not impossible. Evidence does not produce a deeper knowing; it only reveals what’s right or wrong. Knowing only requires a deep and abiding connection to yourself, or One Life awareness.

When you focus too much on the lack of love in your life, you end up gauging your life on something immeasurable. Feelings of inadequacy influence you to measure or contain love. But love cannot be evaluated on a scale of how much is enough. Love projects an all-pervasive force that can’t be described, divided, or eradicated.