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Dream Zone: Do Your Best

Dream Zone: Do Your Best Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Do Your Best

I dream a lot lately that my crazy, abusive ex is trying to kill me. Usually he is trying to strangle me. This morning, my fiancé said I was screaming in my sleep! It’s quite frightening.

— Stephanie, 30, Kaysville, UT

From Lauri: Death in a dream often means changes or endings are happening in your waking life. However, murder is an indication of a forced change or ending rather than a natural one.

Are you feeling pressured to change or end something about yourself or something in your life lately? Since your ex is the culprit, that is a big clue. Is there a situation or behavior between the two of you that needs to stop? Is he trying to make you change something? Is the aftermath of that relationship changing who you are?

The means of murder, or attempted murder, is also a piece of this puzzle. Strangulation is really about an inability to speak up in real life. Is he refusing to listen to you? Is there something you are not speaking up about? What is going on there?