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Delay Is Not Denial

Delay Is Not Denial Artemis through Kenneth Drake

When you begin to love much more than you fear, you will begin to understand how truly immense your power to create is. Your desires are to be celebrated rather than feared. We have said to you on many occasions that you must begin to love yourself more than your fear. This, beloved, is indeed a true saying. In times long past — those moments before your grand emergence into awakening — you manifested not from a place of absolute certainty but from a place of dualism and double-mindedness, asking, “Am I truly worthy to receive my heart’s desire?” You questioned your power to create, often feeling as though you lacked the ability to manifest according to your will.

Even now, such a question arises when you do not immediately see before you the intended result of your creative process. From your perspective within your world, you see the passing of what you consider “time.” You define passing moments as “delays,” believing you have been denied your truest desires.

Beloved, it is of the utmost importance that we speak to you regarding what we term “effortless manifestation.” We seek to remind you that a delay is, in fact, not a denial. (That is, of course, unless you choose to believe it to be, in which case you have served only to deny yourself of your heart’s desire.)