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Coming Back Home (to You)

Coming Back Home (to You) Nancy Robinson

Several years ago, I had a session with a well-known healer. Overall, it was beneficial, and I gained valuable insights. But it also unexpectedly triggered a lot of grief and emotional residue about my past, which resulted in several years of seeking healing work to help clear my grief and regret. I used recovery work, vibrational energies through numerous crystal skulls, and sessions with another trusted healer to work through the layers of unresolved emotions. At times, it was hard, tedious, and even boring. It took conscious effort, and I often felt I was making little or no progress.

Recently, I had yet another healing session with vibrational energies, but this time something was different. Instead of the usual sadness and grief, I felt new levels of peace, joy, happiness, and aliveness. I felt I had come back home to myself. It was wonderful to finally have a sense of being fully present and feeling hopeful and alive again. A fresh new level of energy is available to me now to create the future I want instead of staying stuck and dwelling on the past. Life is fun again.

If you are on a journey of healing or you’re hesitant to start, be encouraged that you’re where you’re supposed to be and that your efforts and work will reap the benefits you seek. New levels of joy, aliveness, and balance are on their way if you’re willing to do the necessary work. As you heal emotional, mental, or physical blocks, the promise of something much bigger and better waits for you on the other side.