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Call on Us

Call on Us Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Greetings, goddesses of all ages, types, sizes, and sexes. You are all goddesses of the highest order. I surround you in my powerful golden light. You are the first coalition of direct goddesses ever to grace Earth in many thousands of years. You are here to love the many lost human beings.

It’s been a man’s world for so many years — an Earth of masculine thinking and fighting so that your souls are shattered. Send them to me for healing and return of the pieces that you lost along the way. Healing is but a call away. I guide you and comfort you on your journey home. I surround you in love light and give you strength to carry on during your great mission.

Erasing darkness is not an option now, for anchoring the return of the great Goddess light is up to you. This will take strength and perseverance, but we know you manifest that, for we know who you really are and commend you for your work. Some are bewildered, some are lost, and some long for the peace of a moment that flutters by quickly, but you remember the love of the Goddess. You remember how you feel surrounded by unconditional love and great peace and calm. You can tap into these every time you meditate.