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Call on the New Reality for Strength

Call on the New Reality for Strength The Great Divine Director and Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

I am the Great Divine Director along with Sanat Kumara. We are calling your attention to the need for you to ask for help. We know your life is challenging and sometimes difficult. Each of you has trials and tribulations. But you no longer need to suffer silently, and we invite you to use us, rely on us, and ask for our help. We love you so very much.

Many of you forget to determine how your day will be. You forget to announce that you are of God, and you go out into the world like a child in winter without a coat. We are here for you. We — the ascended masters, your angels, and guides — are waiting for you to determine your fate by choosing the way in which your life will be experienced.

You have heard that the outcome is assured, and this is so. Yet you can take the easy way or the hard way. From our vantage point, there is no benefit in taking the hard way over the easy way. You can invoke your angels’ help. We wish you would. Remember, angels are for miracles, and the ascended ones have mastery in living in a body on Earth. My own causal body is larger than Earth. Call on me for a strong direction in your life’s mission, and I will help you see it and achieve it.