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The Bioenergetics of Ascension: Hope for Humanity

The Bioenergetics of Ascension: Hope for Humanity The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Throughout the ages of time — for millennia — the light has been oppressed by power structures that utilize human egos as tools of illusion and manipulation. But you have not become lesser beings. You continue to seek the light and fight for liberation. This is because humans are part of the bioenergetics resonance of the divine force of creation, which is life.

The blue-green mother is made of this life force energy. Your planet teems with life, which is the essence of the source of creation manifest as an ecosystem of inner-related geometries of conscious bioenergetic particles. Each particle contains the vital life force of creation. The power of creation itself is manifest in the living body of Earth. Human DNA carries the living blueprint of the blue-green mother, which is the God code. Humanity is part of the living body of Earth and carries the dominant genetic code of the life force of the blue-green mother. Primordial humans resonated with the harmonic frequencies of Earth.

The age of oppression has ended, and liberation is at hand. Now a new reality emerges that alters the nature of existence. You are aware that your planet is being infused with cosmic particles and harmonic frequencies from very high dimensions of space-time. You are indeed receiving waves of energy that illuminate the God code in the planetary DNA with the essence of source creation. Human DNA is being activated with powerful frequencies from source creation that activates the crystalline codes of DNA, which are called the ascension codes.