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Activate Your Divine Skills and Abilities

Activate Your Divine Skills and Abilities Lord Merlin through Natalie Glasson

Dear ones, I am Lord Merlin. I come forth with love, truth, and inspiration to share with you. I encourage you to move quickly along your ascension pathway. It is important during this stage of ascension — which is dedicated to cultivating and empowering your intimate relationship with the Creator — that you appreciate all that you are and have in this present moment. I am especially speaking of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual skills and abilities, as well as unseen talents.

It is essential to value and honor yourselves and all you manifest on Earth now, as in doing so, you are celebrating your relationship with and as the Creator. When you allow yourselves to be fully present with the Creator, you see yourselves beyond your limitations and the beliefs that hinder and tether you to a certain idea of yourselves.

The Role of Your Guides

Each soul on Earth has a large community of guides who assist and support that person throughout her or his lifetime. Some guides are prominent and influential while others are unknown to you yet offer a valuable service of support. Most people have more than twelve guides within their community of guides. Each guide holds a special service, purpose, and role of assisting you in your spiritual and physical evolution on Earth.