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Secrets Come to Light

Secrets Come to Light Lynn Buess

This month is a time of disturbance, decision, discernment, disillusionment, and possible despair that will touch all humanity. There is an enormous amount of information coming out now that will shock many, create doubt in most, and bring delight to those who have been warning of hidden issues for decades. Between the lines of the well-orchestrated misinformation of the media come some gems of truth.
This will be a time of definition regarding the Korean crisis. Does combat begin, or in a stroke of political madness, will North and South Korea actually come to some accords and reunite? The relationship among Japan, North and South Korea, and China will have a major impact on the world, especially the United States.
Speaking of misinformation, the mistakes in recent planned shootings yield further truth about how events are engineered, and more clues will leak as to who is responsible. Public reactions to events of this month in particular will offer additional inklings as to whether there will be a breakthrough in mass awakening or continued deception and manipulation of the mass consciousness. Cosmic cycles continue to pour in a higher-frequency light, which makes it more difficult to hide dark secrets in the corners and crevices, let alone in plain view.