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Pray, Forgive, and Be Thankful

Pray, Forgive, and Be Thankful Ariel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Mercy to all beings. The understanding is coming to the consciousness of humanity (that’s everyone on the planet we’re talking of now), and you’ve been walking through it since the time of Moses and the Book of Leviticus, with the education and the warnings involved. Now, this will be difficult for us to explain in simple words you will understand.
You’re in a new time and space, and you have to become aware of things that are different from you in the manner of space and the dignity of all entities around you. Right now, I’ll tell you where you are in that Book of Leviticus: You’re at 18:22, and you’re walking toward the end through these experiences. These are warnings and lessons, and as you read them, you’ll realize the mistakes you’ve gone through in your past, not just in this lifetime because this lifetime is what you term the karma experience. It’s more than that. Once you understand karma, you behave. You take on a different dignity and understand who’s really teaching you. It’s the divine, eternal Father through his holy son Jesus.
You have to make yourself aware of the circumstances you’re in. Psalm 6 is one of the strongest prayers for self-protection, especially the tenth verse that calls for the enemies to be ashamed, and it’s not just in the physical enemy things because you have a lot of enemies in the astral who try to influence your thoughts about who you are, where you came from, and what you’re supposed to do.