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Original Fear and the Missing Story

Original Fear and the Missing Story One Life through Catherine Weser

You incarnate, don a body, to gain the experience of a seemingly separate self in a dual world. Coming into a human body is a truly mysterious experience in which the knowing of One Life usually becomes obscured or forgotten as the belief in an individual self and an identity for that self develop. The world of duality fascinates the incarnate being, and only with a body can you engage in this notion of the individual self. Life then flows from a One Life perspective to the perspective of the self and back again. This self-identity is reinforced by all the seemingly outside factors. How you determine who you are is not only a single personal outlook but also a response to feedback given from the world around you.
All is One Life, yet there is something to come to know and understand about the you who has a body and interacts with other bodies and things in the world. What we call original fear is the counterpoint to the original sense of indivisibility experienced in the incarnation when the dual nature of the world becomes evident. This realization is concurrent with the drive to describe you to yourself. We call the experience original fear in the sense that fear is just a simple contraction in the dual experience of contraction and expansion, not because you actually become afraid.
Intuition Is the Perceiver of One Life
The contraction is necessary as a means of triggering definition. The contraction we call original fear ignites the inner motivation to label things and experiences in the world. The contraction could be at the first breath, as breath is the bodily function that most exemplifies the dual nature of life. Life in the world of duality begins with the inhale and exhale and ends when the breath stops. Between the first and last breaths, a lifetime is lived filled with many experiences. The inhale and the exhale are the reminders of the dual nature of human life. Of course, this is a simplification of a truly amazing unfolding of a lifetime.