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The Multidimensionality of Human DNA

The Multidimensionality of Human DNA Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Before Lady Portia gave her message, we had discussed the following: In 1974, the German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp proved the existence of the biophoton field, a nonphysical level of energy that surrounds the human body. This energy field has been described as having the capability of an extremely complex and sophisticated computer system whose function is to regulate our bodies’ biological processes.
Dr. Popp also proved that the biophotons in this field of energy originate from our DNA and operate at the speed of a laser. These biophotons carry extensive information about our cells’ biological processes to the biophoton field, where they exchange information with all other biophotons in the field. In this way, the biophoton field can collect, process, store, and transmit vast amounts of information to and from all the cells of the body and can coordinate the unbelievably complex chemical “dance” going on within the body, as each cell is believed to have more than 100,000 biochemical reactions per second that must be coordinated with the chemical activities of all other cells.
Greetings, my dears. This is Portia speaking with you, and we have found it very interesting to listen to all that you have been saying about your recent experiences with the spring energies and the further activation of your DNA. Just know that this quantum state of DNA was most effectively activated into higher operation the other night, and you will experience this system operating in a very different way from the things you have felt as the normal operation of your system.