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Move beyond Fear to Find Sacred Unity

Move beyond Fear to Find Sacred Unity Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I have often stated that you live in very interesting and turbulent times. Indeed, the very fabric of your societies seems to be fraying and coming apart. Old patterns are fading, and some are completely disintegrating as new and brighter patterns emerge from the old. Many of you are taking old threads and reweaving them into brilliant tapestries.
The increased awareness brought about by the internet makes things seem even more difficult and evil than they sometimes are, but this increased awareness no longer allows the atrocities and dark acts of death and starvation, of bullying one group over another, to continue and to be ignored simply because you were unaware of what was going on. Seeing old patterns of how rulers have manipulated people to follow their lead creates chaos and dissension for many.
As people realize how they have been duped, so to speak, it creates anger and a sense of helplessness at times, but it also creates choice points. Many of you want a more benevolent world, and you are perplexed that these choice points seem to cause many to hold on to what gave them a sense of stability in the past as the only way to move forward even though they admit that the current direction is not sustainable. Many choose to hold on to fear as the answer to your issues. Many want a more benevolent and kinder world but are unwilling to let go of the very ideas and beliefs that prevent greater benevolence and supportive unity.