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Lift the Veils for a New Period of Growth

Lift the Veils for a New Period of Growth The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Every astral plane vibrates at a certain frequency of consciousness, expressing as the life energy of creation itself. Each plane, or frequency, is not multidimensionally separate from other planes. They gradually merge just as different colors of thick paint can blend.
Even so, every level of thinking on Earth has its own frequency level of vibration that can be experienced as an astral plane when one perceives through higher levels of consciousness. Astral planes can seem to be physical but when compared to Earth life, they vibrate anywhere from physical manifestation to the many frequencies of the ethereal (or spiritual) planes. One can slip into these astral planes as the mind reaches for more understanding and the knowingness for which it longs.
The human mind has several layers of what we call veils. These veils can prevent a person from experiencing what is presently hidden or unknown because consciousness is not yet ready. There are three veils we will concentrate on: the astral body, the mental body, and the emotional body. These veils have a human and spiritual purpose: to encourage and nudge consciousness to go deeper into what is real and uncorrupt. To unite humans everywhere, the lessons of these three veils must be learned and understood.