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Goddess 101, Part 2: Love Reduces the Noise

Goddess 101, Part 2: Love Reduces the Noise Creator Goddess and Ladies of Light through Luanne

We have tears of joy for your present situation. You have come so far. We can see the trajectory like a great arc surrounding Earth in a bastion of flying stars and fireworks. How you sparkle now! The blue jewel is now fully in fifth-dimensional energy. The vibration of some humans who cling to the old third-dimensional energy is lackluster, but many, many humans are sparkling fifth-dimensional energy along with the New Earth. This is what we see, and it brings us the greatest pride and joy. You could call it a full reversal of darkness and light, and the light overcame. Sure, you see those of lower third-dimensional energy doing what they have always done — creating chaos and despair — but they are a minority and already feel powerless. Those without the power create the most noise.
Your lesson for today involves not giving those people any energy. Don’t watch or listen to their ravings. Turn them off as you turn off your televisions and computers. It is as easy as that. When you engage them in a repeating and contradicting battle, they win and you loose. Just responding gives them power. Just choosing to fight gives them the win. Watch and learn if you must, but then think or say the word “love.” When you join the fray, you lower your vibration, and your sparkle dulls.
Think of something positive you can do. The days of the battle against evil have come and gone. No battle ever created peace, and peace is a great part of the New Earth. It is one of the most important parts. War is war, and peace is peace. They have little to do with each other. In war, you may have one victor and one loser, but in reality, all lose something.