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Fatima, Lucia, and the Luminescent Ladies

Fatima, Lucia, and the Luminescent Ladies Terra Rae

Terra: This wondrous story of ten-year-old Lucia and the Lady (Ladies) of Fátima is told through a past-life regression with Anna, who is an aspect of Lucia in the present day. Anna brought forth Lucia and reexperienced the real story of what happened on the hill near the town of Fátima, Portugal, in 1917. The six visits of (what the church called) apparitions of the Lady happened between May and October, precisely at noon, and on the thirteenth of each month.
This story inspires women to take back their power in many ways. It is timely and relevant for today’s world. I asked Yeshua (Jesus) and the Marys whether I could finally reveal this story, and they gave me their blessing with great excitement, stating, “The time is now!”
Three of us of Team Earth scan, track, and clear clients as a team. Sometimes an energy comes in from another being of light who has something to share, bringing more depth and clarity to what is being revealed. Frequently, this is an aspect of the client from a past-life. Occasionally it is an aspect from an overlapping life, meaning the person can be living two different lives, which is the case in this story.