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Expect Upheaval as Uranus Moves into Taurus

Expect Upheaval as Uranus Moves into Taurus Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that after seven years of traversing Aries, Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15. Uranus is not known for his stability and conventional behavior, which is why throughout his time in Aries we’ve experienced such volatility. In fiery Aries, Uranus played the rebellious maverick, and this volatile streak was exacerbated by Pluto’s square to Uranus, reflecting outbreaks of violence, general chaos, and the collapse of outdated regimes. Of course, some of what we’ve witnessed was necessary, and Pluto’s ongoing journey through Capricorn will continue to transform the establishment but maybe not so dramatically.
So what can we expect from Uranus’s journey through Taurus? Well, if we remember that Uranus represents revolution, rebellion, freedom, and inspiration, his journey through the earth sign of Taurus will have an impact on humanity in some fundamental ways. Taurus represents money and all physical, tangible things, including Earth itself. Therefore, two main areas are ripe for a shake up: our economical system and the way we view the environment. I am perhaps stating the obvious when I say we can expect more environmental disasters and unpredictable weather patterns over the next seven years as Earth enters a time of greater instability.
However, if we look at the bigger picture and consider the shifting of the poles and that Earth is in a warming phase (regardless of human-made climate change), we know that Earth wishes to make some changes. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and this is what we need to consider as the planet continues its ascension.