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Consciousness Is the Final Frontier

Consciousness Is the Final Frontier Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians! Today I want to discuss life on our fifth-dimensional planet, Arcturus, which has ascended. We were living on a third-dimensional planet, but through spiritual development and advancements, we transitioned our planet to the fifth dimension.
It is interesting to look at some of the history of our third-dimensional planetary experiences (that in earlier lectures I referred to as planetary stage I) from the ancient past. We had several third-dimensional planets in our system. There have been major conflicts and wars on many planets throughout the history of the galaxy. Earth is not unique to conflict, duality, and polarizations. Unfortunately, one of our polarized conflicts ended in the total destruction of one of our planets. This was extremely traumatic, and the energy and trauma from that event have stayed in our memories for eons.
Please note that there also have been military conflicts in the nearby star system Lyra. The Lyrian constellation and planetary system are believed to be where humans, or Homo sapiens, originated. There are galactic accounts of wars going on within the Lyrian system even before the Arcturian wars. In these conflicts, there were refugees, including scientists and advanced spiritual people, who decided to escape their planet. They colonized on another planetary system. Part of the purpose of their escape was to ensure the survival of their species. They were concerned that a military event might occur that could lead to the total destruction of one of the Lyrian planets, which in fact happened. In terms of Earth and its development, there are scientific discussions about trying to colonize Mars, and this is considered a similar attempt to ensure the survival of the Earth human species (to distinguish Earth beings from other human species throughout the galaxy).